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2007 After Action Report

Wow, what a night! We had so much fun! 109 Browncoats in the house with 78 tix sold in advance.... A Big Thank you to all of you who came and also to those who helped in various ways that made this a success (posting on the web, helping out last night, donating items, making signs, etc)


  • Adam Hughes coming and donating 4 signed prints for the prize drawing, one of which was specially made for the screening! It created a mad dash to the prize drawing table to buy more tickets! This accounted for at least half of our prize drawing ticket sales!
  • At least 6 people came who had never seen Serenity
  • Lots of shiny prize drawing/door prizes!
  • Souvenir tickets for everyone
  • Plus hanging out with such a large group of very nice people

Some celebs in our 'verse were in attendance: Adam Hughes who did the cover art for graphic novel; and Rob Kuhlman who is one of the musicians for "Done the Impossible" movie!

What We Raised

We had a prize drawing, plus merchandise sales and raised some more that way. Here's our stats:

Tickets sold on site: 38 x $15 = $570
Online tix: $1171.07 (after PayPal charges)
Merchandise sales: $100
Prize Drawing Tickets: $141
Subtotal $1982.07

- $600 (Theater Rental)
- $250 (Film print)
- $40 (shipping for film)

Grand total raised for Equality Now: $1092.07


If you have any to add, just sign on and go to Gallery and the CSTS 2007 category and you'll see a text link there for adding a photo! You can also make comments on photos posted.


Space Monkey Sponsors
Deborah Heuss
Shawn McGee
James Hsiao
Gillian Getty

Big Damn Hero Sponsors
Darren Vallance 

Prize Donors
Also, we want to thank the following people/businesses/organizations for donating items for our door prize/prize drawing thing-a-ma-jigger:

Angela Trigg
Ron Glass
Actor's Express
Dark Horse Comics
Benbella Books
Adam Hughes
Myron Vazquez
Rob Kuhlman
Rebecca Blevins
Can't Stop the Serenity

Event helpers
Of course anyone who came and helped spread the word helped make this a success! We also want to thank those who helped with various things

  • Beth Powell and William Alonso for manning the on-site ticket sales, will-call and general setup
  • Myron for general setup (bringing tables, etc), logistics & planning, making signs and my co-helper 
  • Rob Kuhlman and Deborah McGrath for manning the prize drawing table and general setup.
  • Rebecca Blevins for manning the merchandise table and general setup (and bring supplies)
  • Geena Phillips for being our ticket-taker 

Let us know what you think!
Sign on to our site and leave a comment on the "Can't Stop the Serenity 2007" thread under General Discussion!

Thanks everyone!
- Angela Trigg